Friday, September 17, 2010

Lucky day in India

About a week or so ago, Karen and I were having lunch at Quiet Healing Center in Auroville and a german woman noticed the bandages, stitches and bruises on our bodies and asked what happened to us.  Yes, as alot of you have already heard, we were in an accident in Pondicherry.  A speeding motorcycle hit us while we were crossing the street and we sustained extensive injuries.  We explained to the inquisitive german as to what happened on Sunday, Aug 30th at noon and she said it must of been our unlucky day.  I responded to her that no, it was our lucky day in Pondicherry on Gandhi Road as we are ALIVE today and are very blessed to be.  Karen and I have been healing and will return to Stj at the end of september to continue healing.  I will tell you more of our experience and opportunity when my energy increases. (and post pictures from india) We thank you for all the prayers and blessings you have been sending.  We truly have felt your presence and thank you for your support and love.  Each moment to be here now is such an opportunity and a gift.......
in love, light and love