Tuesday, August 31, 2010

no internet

Back in Auroville .....no internet for a bit.  sending love and blessings....oxxo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Praying with Ganesha

It's Saturday about 7:30pm.  We had another full day in Pondicherry.  Michael, my homeopathy doctor came from Auroville to deliver my rememdy.  I will take tomorrow and get back with him in a week.  He gave me directions to the homeopathy pharmarcy so I could get some remedy for Dengay to bring back to the island.  It took us all day to find, but in the end was worth it.  We walked all day again, watching, shopping....and sometimes being overwhelmed by the traffic and so many people in one little place.  A feast for the senses for sure!!!  My favorite was the potato chip guy making fresh chips on the side of the road....they were fabulous!  Some plain, some with curry.  Also, we partook in sampling tasty treats at the GHEE bakery.  Karen was the brave one and tried everything.  It was real good....I did try one with figs, dates, almonds, sugar and ghee. I'm trying to chill off sugar with the recommendation of the healers I saw in Auroville.  So far, so good except for the taste at ghee bakery.  We just got back from the Sri Audobindo Ashram where SRI and Mother are laid to rest.  It was a moving heartfelt experience to be there.  I can't put it into words....but I am going back tomorrow as well. This is where I asked Mother for blessings for you all.  Her presence is everywhere here.  It keeps your heart warm.  Again, no words can explain how I felt today at the ashram.....has made a definate beautiful imprint within me. Then down the street we went to pray with Ganesha (overcomer of obstacles).  I offered Ganesha (a real elephant) grass and Karen fed him banana's.  Karen was blessed on the top of her head by him with snot.....it's a good sign.  No snot for me....but I feel just as blessed.  Inside the temple was LOTS of people praying and making offerings.....what a gift to be part of this!!  I was a bit dehydrated when I awoke this morning, but drank LOTS of water today, so I hope I will be feeling much better tonight during sleep.  I think yesterday I didn't drink as much as I should cuz the toilets are just @#*!   For all of my yoga students who have put up with all the squatting in most recent classes....I thank you!!  The practice is coming in handy!! :)  and Heather....I LOVE YOU for sending me the anti-bacteral wipes!!!  Karen loves you too!  Good night from India and sweet dreams my dear ones..... NAMASTE


We arrived in Pondy, yesterday, Friday.  It's a town by the sea. We walked around the town (seems more like a city) all day.....stopped for lunch at Satsanga....food here nothing to speak of.  I had beef kebabs and french fries....yes, I had to try the french fries here. Don't need to eat them again here.  We walked for hours which felt good to walk on flat surfaces and along the beach as well.  You can people watch ALL DAY.  At the promenade area of the beach is similiar to what you would think of coney island or Salisbury beach.  Lots of families out and about and everyone trying to sell you things.  A little boy trying to sell me a fan asked me for an american writing pen. I gave him the one I had in my bag and his face lit up and the older boy with him was quick to check it out as well.  Nice to see him smile over something as simple as a pen.  We made our way into all the little shops and came across a shoe store that was REAL fancy with a guard out at the front door.  It was like the Jimmy Choo shoe store of Pondicherry.  Karen and I spent about an hour or so.... and I left with 2 pairs of amazing sandals that they made there for $27.00 and Karen purchased 3.  Big spenders we are today!!  On the way back to the hotel we saw a place for pedicures, so we treated our tired feet.  It was a luxury 1 1/2 hrs pedicure from Lalitha and Beeta.  Two lovely Indian girls.  Lathitha asked me if I was a native here.  There are lots of Indians with my color skin here.  DING DONG we didn't have enough rupees for our services due to a miscommunication on which pedicure service we were getting.  No worries, Beeta put Karen and I on the back on her scooter and we all went back to the hotel so we could get $ to pay her.  So nice and sweet girls.  We called it a day and dropped into bed after dinner.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kicked out of a taxi

The sun finally came out today!  A perfect day ahead......oh yah, I forgot, we in India......and got kicked out of a taxi today.  Karen and I went back to Quiet Healing center and had more wonderful experiences.  Me with Michael Zelnick (bob Zelnik, the news guy/journalist, older brother) who was an intuitive and kind homeopathy doctor.  He is taking a few days to customize my homepathy tablets and send them by courier to Pondy or Chennai. He gave me the homeopathic remedy for dengay as well, he thought it would be good to have on hand living on St John just in case.  Very thoughtful.  Karen had her world rocked in the somatic release massage with Vincent from France who just recently arrived here in Auroville.  We enjoyed lunch with our new friend, Isha and her partner Chris (he is a massage therapist at Quiet).  The food has been outstanding and the marsala tea delicious.  It is when we depart Auroville that we heard we need to be careful on food/water.  We shopped at the boutiques at the vistor's center in Auroville....so that would be like shopping at Gucci or coach back home for us.  We did purchase a few things though.  Hope we can find some good bargains in Pondy.  Prices were high here.....but then again, it's the visitors center.  We took a cab for the 10 min ride home.  I noticed we where going in the wrong direction, as Karen was busy shooting photos as she has been each time we are driving (fabulous pictures!!!) Glad I have my photographer with me.  So, I asked the driver to pull over to make sure he knew where we were going.  He spoke no english.  He got his friend on the cell phone to talk with me to translate.  It seemed we had it settled as long as I navigated, as the taxi dude didn't have a clue where the guest house was.  It went well up to getting to the Matrimandir and after that he pulled over and was completely overwhelmed.  We think his boss called him and was yelling at him for getting lost (at least it seemed that way).  So he has tears in his eyes as he sat on the cell with whoever.  It went downhill from there.  We gestured nicely to keep going straight, but at that point, he lost it and opened my door and I think in hindi told us to get out!!!  He was not taking no for an answer. He asked to be paid 200 rupee for leaving us in the middle of the jungle in the dark.  We refused and he left.  Thank goodness we took our walk on the 1st day and had some idea on our surroundings.  I was pissed at the guy and Karen felt bad he cried when his boss possibly yelled at him.  Made for an interesting conversation as we powerwalked in the dark with flying ants hitting our face and a giant moth attacking us as well.  We made it back with our good navigation instincts and enjoyed dinner with Afsanah.  She told us he probably was cruising in the wrong direction to make more money and his boss cursed him out cause he probably had another fare waiting.......hence kicking us out to go get the next riders.  WHO REALLY KNOWS.  The poor man was harmless and obviously overwhelmed.  So today, we got kicked out of a taxi.  The next taxi driver better watch it.....I've got my game on now!!!  Another perfect Indian day......   We depart for Pondy tomorrow leaving behind many new good friends I hope to have the opportunity to spend more time with in the future.  Such blessings and miracles everyday.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

slip and slide

Off we went to the Quiet Healing Center of Auroville this morning.  I got my first Ayurvedic massage by a local Indian man from Pondy.  I think he used about a liter of sesame oil.  The table turned into a slip and slide made of rubber.  It was quite an experience.  I have never had breasts massaged so aggressively by an Indian man....come to think of it or even touch by an Indian man, women or massage therapist.  Hey, is that part of it???  Actually the whole treatment was fabulous and a new experience.  I came out glowing and Karen was excited to hear about it.  All I told her was that if you are modest, you may be uncomfortable.  I didn't tell her about the boobie rub.  After her massage she came out and we laughed.  She said she starting laughing in the massage during that part.  Such Americans we are.  And we continue to laugh about it over dinner this evening as well.  In all seriousness, my heart chakra is light and open.  The bioresidence consult and treatment unveiled lots of information and I am grateful to Afsanah's knowledge,experience and kindness.  She brought us to the local herb shop after to get our suggested herbs/tinctures.  I have been very low energy in these past few months and now I know why.  Looking forward to adding these supplements to my daily routine.  I am seeing a homeopathy doctor tomorrow morning to address my allergy/asthma challenges instead of going to Matrimandir.  The therapists here are wonderful and affordable.  Karen will get another rub down with a french therapist while I see the homeopathy guy. We have an afternoon of shopping planned after that.  We will be checking out of afsanah's guest house on Friday and have gotten some nice suggestions from our new friends in Auroville on what to do, see and where to eat and to SHOP in Pondy!  My heart tells me I will be back to Auroville in the future sometime.  I hope you all got a good laugh about our massages......we sure did.....still are!!  You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

manifesting and monkeys

Yesterday during our walk in the bamboo forest I kept telling Karen that I wanted to see a monkey.  I have no idea if there are any monkeys here.  We were to meet Isha at Matrimandir at 10:30am.  It is about a 20 minute walk from our guest house, it has been raining since we arrived and the clouds continue to be present.  A young Indian boy on a moped stopped and offered us a ride as it was about to pour again.  The 3 of us what a sight to see, we laughed as Karen held his jug of tea and tried to get a picture of us all on this little bike.  He got us there just in time to avoid getting soaked.  Matrimandir is made up of 1,000 gold discs on the outside looking like some kind of spiritual mother ship.  We sat underneath for some time at the lotus fountain on the benches and sitting there in this beautiful serene place (under the mother ship) a monkey came walking in.  Isha says "this is an auspicious day".....monkeys are usually not here.  So, Hanumaan came to pray with us today.  What a miracle.  He stayed with us for quite some time and then wandered off.  We were not able to get the the inner chamber today as the rains closed it for today (they do not like to mess up the chamber with dirty feet).  Isha says we may try again with her on Thursday.  Regardless, it was amazing.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch together with her friend, Jurgen from Germany.  It is interesting to meet the different people here and hear their story on what brought them here and why they stay.  Jurgen has been here for 6 years making the gold discs for the matrimandir and now setting up computer access for the community.  He says it's his karma yoga.  I tried Kolfur today, a dessert made with nuts and cardarmon and cream.  Indian ice cream....yum!  Karen and I ventured off to Pondicherry after in a taxi to find our next residence.  We will be staying at the Executive Inn which is in the heart of Pondicherry.  We check in on Friday at noon.  A lovely Indian women owns the hotel and assured us of our safety as the neighborhood looks like what we would think as "THE HOOD".  I will try my best to post pictures soon.  It is just VERY different here.....what an experience to take it all in!!  colors, smells, textures, tastes, sounds....oh and did I mention smells.  We went to the Ganesha temple, but it was closed.  We will try again on Friday.  Tomorrow is our day at the Quiet Time Healing Center in Auroville.  We both are having our Ayurvedic massages and having a bioresence session (I know I spelled it incorrect).  I will tell you more about it after my session, sounds wonderful.  Afsanah who owns the guest house is the practicioner and she told us how many Europeans come here just for that session as it is very expensive elsewhere.  She is originally from Iran.  We are back at the guest house for the evening.  It's still raining.  They are having record rains right now.  I hope there is hot water back in the room and the little toad stays out of  Karen's side of the room tonight. Only been here 3 days and feel as if I have experienced sooo much.  sending love, light and smiles.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

India day 1

Hello Dear Ones,

As I write there is Indian music/chanting and fireworks happening in the background from a festival in the village next to Auroville.  After about 36 hrs of traveling I arrived at the Afsanah guest house in Auroville and slept for quite some time.  The smells hit you as soon as you step out of the airport. Nothing nasty, just different. It was a 2 1/2 hour ride of "playing chicken" on the road to Auroville.  The passing of cars on St John is tame compared to the roads of India.  Dodging people, bikes, cars, rickshaws, motorcyles, cows, bird, dogs oh my.  I felt confident with our driver, Vanu or I was just delirious from all the traveling that it did not bother me at all.  Our guest house is in a remote area out in the forest/jungle.  Surrounding by bamboo forests.  Karen and I have ayurvedic massages booked for Wednesday. I met Judit's friend, Isha today. She is lovely and has invited us as her guest to the Matrimandir Chamber tomorrow to meditate.  Outside guests are not allowed in the inner chamber, but she works within Auroville somewhere that she can get permission to bring us with her.  This is very exciting to be invited to what they call "the heart" of Auroville.  We took a wonderful walk around our area today, mostly forest and we came across a hut where some locals were making leather purses.  I am going to sign off at that.....I am fading fast still jetlagged.  I have only been here for 1 day.....but I love it so far!! The people and surroundings are beautiful and kind.  Sending love and blessings......
many, many blessings are felt that I am able to be here right now!  As some of you know, I received bad news the moment I left st john that my dear friend Sandie past on Friday morning from homorraging dengay. This was sudden and shocking.  I cried almost the whole plane ride here.  Life is here and now!!!  What an opportunity I am having by being able to be here right now!!  Many, Many, Many blessings to you all! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

India Adventures

Truly, the wise proclaim that Love is the only path, Love is the only God, and Love is the only scripture. Love brings unity by healing the painful split between body, mind and heart. When these unite, one merges with the soul like countless rivers and streams merge into the vast ocean. Whether the scripture you hold in your hand is the Vedas, the Bible or the Koran, it is trivial without Love. Love is God's only envoy, the only worldwide religion, everyone's well-wisher and the true guru. Love is not far away. Love is as close as our hearts. We can find it living there without walking a single step. Love is my only path. I am, in fact, a pilgrim on the path of Love.

I will be, as best as I can, sharing my pilgrimage to India August 20 - October 6 here on this blog......stay tuned
in love,light & joy