Wednesday, August 25, 2010

slip and slide

Off we went to the Quiet Healing Center of Auroville this morning.  I got my first Ayurvedic massage by a local Indian man from Pondy.  I think he used about a liter of sesame oil.  The table turned into a slip and slide made of rubber.  It was quite an experience.  I have never had breasts massaged so aggressively by an Indian man....come to think of it or even touch by an Indian man, women or massage therapist.  Hey, is that part of it???  Actually the whole treatment was fabulous and a new experience.  I came out glowing and Karen was excited to hear about it.  All I told her was that if you are modest, you may be uncomfortable.  I didn't tell her about the boobie rub.  After her massage she came out and we laughed.  She said she starting laughing in the massage during that part.  Such Americans we are.  And we continue to laugh about it over dinner this evening as well.  In all seriousness, my heart chakra is light and open.  The bioresidence consult and treatment unveiled lots of information and I am grateful to Afsanah's knowledge,experience and kindness.  She brought us to the local herb shop after to get our suggested herbs/tinctures.  I have been very low energy in these past few months and now I know why.  Looking forward to adding these supplements to my daily routine.  I am seeing a homeopathy doctor tomorrow morning to address my allergy/asthma challenges instead of going to Matrimandir.  The therapists here are wonderful and affordable.  Karen will get another rub down with a french therapist while I see the homeopathy guy. We have an afternoon of shopping planned after that.  We will be checking out of afsanah's guest house on Friday and have gotten some nice suggestions from our new friends in Auroville on what to do, see and where to eat and to SHOP in Pondy!  My heart tells me I will be back to Auroville in the future sometime.  I hope you all got a good laugh about our massages......we sure did.....still are!!  You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings

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