Saturday, August 28, 2010

Praying with Ganesha

It's Saturday about 7:30pm.  We had another full day in Pondicherry.  Michael, my homeopathy doctor came from Auroville to deliver my rememdy.  I will take tomorrow and get back with him in a week.  He gave me directions to the homeopathy pharmarcy so I could get some remedy for Dengay to bring back to the island.  It took us all day to find, but in the end was worth it.  We walked all day again, watching, shopping....and sometimes being overwhelmed by the traffic and so many people in one little place.  A feast for the senses for sure!!!  My favorite was the potato chip guy making fresh chips on the side of the road....they were fabulous!  Some plain, some with curry.  Also, we partook in sampling tasty treats at the GHEE bakery.  Karen was the brave one and tried everything.  It was real good....I did try one with figs, dates, almonds, sugar and ghee. I'm trying to chill off sugar with the recommendation of the healers I saw in Auroville.  So far, so good except for the taste at ghee bakery.  We just got back from the Sri Audobindo Ashram where SRI and Mother are laid to rest.  It was a moving heartfelt experience to be there.  I can't put it into words....but I am going back tomorrow as well. This is where I asked Mother for blessings for you all.  Her presence is everywhere here.  It keeps your heart warm.  Again, no words can explain how I felt today at the ashram.....has made a definate beautiful imprint within me. Then down the street we went to pray with Ganesha (overcomer of obstacles).  I offered Ganesha (a real elephant) grass and Karen fed him banana's.  Karen was blessed on the top of her head by him with's a good sign.  No snot for me....but I feel just as blessed.  Inside the temple was LOTS of people praying and making offerings.....what a gift to be part of this!!  I was a bit dehydrated when I awoke this morning, but drank LOTS of water today, so I hope I will be feeling much better tonight during sleep.  I think yesterday I didn't drink as much as I should cuz the toilets are just @#*!   For all of my yoga students who have put up with all the squatting in most recent classes....I thank you!!  The practice is coming in handy!! :)  and Heather....I LOVE YOU for sending me the anti-bacteral wipes!!!  Karen loves you too!  Good night from India and sweet dreams my dear ones..... NAMASTE

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