Wednesday, August 4, 2010

India Adventures

Truly, the wise proclaim that Love is the only path, Love is the only God, and Love is the only scripture. Love brings unity by healing the painful split between body, mind and heart. When these unite, one merges with the soul like countless rivers and streams merge into the vast ocean. Whether the scripture you hold in your hand is the Vedas, the Bible or the Koran, it is trivial without Love. Love is God's only envoy, the only worldwide religion, everyone's well-wisher and the true guru. Love is not far away. Love is as close as our hearts. We can find it living there without walking a single step. Love is my only path. I am, in fact, a pilgrim on the path of Love.

I will be, as best as I can, sharing my pilgrimage to India August 20 - October 6 here on this blog......stay tuned
in love,light & joy

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